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Getting Started

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Getting Started

Set up your appointment types

Appointment types are what can be scheduled, these are usually the services you offer.

  • If you don’t want to charge, set the price to 0 to omit mentioning it to clients
  • The duration + padding is how much time will be blocked off on your schedule when clients book this. Padding is added to the end of the appointment.
  • Set access to everyone to let clients book this appointment type, or admin only so only you can.

Set what times you're available

Set up your hours in Availability under Preferences. For example, if you work Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:30pm, with an hour break for lunch at noon you would set your hours to "9:00am-12:00pm, 1:00pm-4:30pm".

Offer extra hours, or change your hours, for specific days by using Override normal hours. If you wanted to change your hours on September 24th to be available from 1:00pm-7:00pm:

  1. First click Override normal hours
  2. Select the start date of September 24th so the new hours will affect just that day
  3. Set the hours to "1:00pm-7:00pm" for that day
  4. Click "Save Hours" to save your availability

Block off certain days, like holidays or vacation, with Block off time at the bottom of the page.

Set up locations and staff

If you have multiple locations or multiple staff you can create separate calendars to accommodate each schedule

  • Choose which appointment types are able to be booked on each calendar 
  • Set which e-mail addresses will receive notifications when someone books an appointment on the calendar. Separate multiple addresses with commas.
  • Create users with admin access to calendars. Users can manage appointments and availability, but can’t modify account wide settings like appointment types or billing.

Check out What do clients see for a walkthrough of what it’s like for clients when scheduling.


Offer classes/group events

Classes/group events will let you have multiple people book an appointment for the specific times you offer. For example, if you offer 15 person Yoga classes every Tuesday at 7:00pm:

  1. Add a new Appointment Type and set the title, price, and duration for it
  2. Check This is a class or group event and set the max number of people to 15
  3. Click Create appointment type
  4. You should see that the appointment type was successfully created. Now you can choose when to offer it. Set when you’d like people to be able to book the class by click Offer class on the right.
  5. For regularly occurring classes use “add more time” to choose how often it recurs

Collect information from clients

Build custom forms to gather information from clients before they come in for their appointment. We’ll always ask for their name, phone, and e-mail so you don’t need to ask for these in your forms.

You’ll be able to view forms that clients complete in the individual appointment and also their client history. Clients can also register for an account to have their past forms remembered.

Have terms & conditions? We recommend creating a new form, setting the form description to your terms. Then add a required single line field for clients with a question like “Enter your initials to certify that you agree to our terms & conditions”.

Accept payments

Accept credit card payments, the full price or just a deposit, to secure appointments. This can be set up under Payments in Preferences. PayPal is the easiest to set up, all you need is your e-mail address for your PayPal account.

Appointment packages and gift certificates can be set up within Products. You set a fixed price for a number of appointments. After clients purchase it they'll get a code they can use to redeem for appointments, their balance is automatically tracked. You can generate codes to hand out on your own too.

Outside the United States? Change your currency under Appearance.

Have clients book themselves

Once you're ready to have clients book themselves you can send them a link to your standalone scheduling page or embed it into your website. You can view, and change, the address to your standalone scheduling page within Client Self Scheduling.

The code to embed into your website can be found in Client Self Scheduling. Send this to your web designer, or follow these guides to add it on your own:

What do clients see?

When clients book an appointment they will:

  • Choose the appointment type to book
  • If the appointment can be booked on different calendars, then they'll get a list of calendars to book with or can choose "any available" to see the combined availability (want to change this?)
  • Pick an available date and time for the appointment
  • Fill out their first name, last name, phone, and e-mail. These will always be asked for, they're the basis for reminders and your client list. (require phone number?)
  • Complete any custom forms you created
  • Pay for the appointment if needed. If you use PayPal clients will be redirected to to pay.
  • Finally the appointment is confirmed. You and clients are immediately sent an e-mail confirmation. Clients will also have the option to register for an account to remember their information (want to disable that?)

If you don't want clients to book their own appointments then within the settings for each of your appointment types change the access to "admin only".

Advanced: Overlapping appointments

Allow appointments to overlap for part of the time.

For example, if you're an acupuncturist and only need 20min to work with a patient at the beginning of their 60min appointment, you can allow double booking for the last 40min.

Within the appointment types set the padding to a negative number to allow overlapping. In this example set the padding to -40.

Contact support if you have any questions or different situations.

Advanced: Different availability for types

For example offering office appointments and phone appointments, with office appointments from 9:00am-2:00pm, and phone appointments all day from 9:00am-7:00pm.

This can be set up using two calendars:

  • Create one calendar that can book phone appointments available from 9:00am-7:00pm
  • Create a second calendar for office appointments available from 9:00am-2:00pm
  • Under Calendars mark the checkbox so when an appointment is booked on one calendar it will block off time on the other

When clients book a phone appointment they can choose "any available" to see the availability for both calendars combined (want to force it to always use any available?).

Contact support if you have any questions or different situations.

Appointments and Availability

What is override normal hours?

This feature allows you to set up availability outside of your regular everyday hours. This will take the place of the hours for that date or date range that you set up. To set new hours for just a single day set the start and end date to be the same.

No times are coming up as available on my calendar, what's wrong?

  1. Is the day unavailable? You can see this in the appointments calendar when you click on a day. Unavailable times can be added by you, or automatically if Google syncing is set up.
  2. Are available time durations long enough? Any open time slots need to be long enough to fit the appointment duration plus any padding time
  3. Are you allowing scheduling? Setting zero appointments allowed will prevent users from scheduling. Check this under Availability and look for "Allow ____ appointments to be scheduled during the same time slot" under each calendar setting. Setting that to 1 will allow scheduling one person at a time, 0 will prevent all scheduling.
  4. If you are offering classes, did you add times when the class if available? 
  5. This can be done from the main calendar page by clicking  or from appointments types and edit the appointment type  
  6. Is the date too far in advance, or too close to the current day? Under Availability are you can limit how close, or how far, in advance appointments can be booked.

If you try these tips and still have not appointment times available contact support and we'll try to help

How do I set up appointment types?

Appointment types are what can be scheduled, these are usually the services you offer.

  • If you don’t want to charge, set the price to 0 to omit mentioning it to clients
  • The duration + padding is how much time will be blocked off on your schedule when clients book this. Padding is added to the end of the appointment.
  • Set access to everyone to let clients book this appointment type, or admin only so only you can.

How do I set up a series of classes?

The best way to set up a class series it to just offer the first class in the series for your clients to book, clients will register for the series when they book into this first class.

Information on the class series can be included in your business description which will show at the top of your scheduling page. Confirmation and reminder emails can be customized for the class series to include this info as well. Class time should be block on the calender for the following classes.

If you have a series of classes:

1. Offer first class to clients (e.g. 6 week chakra balancing series class)

2. Include info on class series in business description and email notifications (e.g. chakra balancing class series will be every tues at 6pm-8pm for 6 total weeks)

3. Block time for the other classes on your calender if needed (Block every tues 6pm-8pm on calender)

How do I reschedule a client's appointment?

There are two ways to reschedule an appointment

  1. Click the appointment on your calendar, click the reschedule button at the top of the window 

2.  Click on the appointment and drag to the new appointment time on the calendar and confirm in the window by clicking  

Choose either Reschedule Appointment (which will send an email notification to client) or Reschedule, but don't send email. 

How do I delete blocked time?

If you click on the blocked time on your calendar you'll bring up a window that will give you the option to delete. If it is a repeating block you can delete just one instance or the whole series. See image below.

How do I block time to make myself unavailable?

Blocking time off on your calendar can be done two ways

  1. You can click the "Block" button in the upper right of your calendar. You'll select the time frame to block the date, and which calendar(s) you'd like to block. You can also make this a recurring block.
  2. Click and drag directly on the calendar date to block a period of time. 

If you need to block multiple days click the "Multiple Days" box and choose your dates.

Blocked time will show on your calendar and a list of all blocked time can be found under Availability.

How can I print my schedule?

You can print your schedule from the main appointments page using your browser's print button. That will print out just the schedule on the page.

You could also print a list from Excel if you click Import/Export/Syncing and export appointments to Excel you can print from within there.

How can I merge duplicate clients?

Clients can be created individually, by importing them, or are created automatically when an appointment is scheduled. If first name, last name, or phone is different then a new entry will show in your client list. Changing a client to make their first name, last name, and phone number match another client will merge them together.

How can I mark an appointment as a no-show?

You can record notes about an appointment, such as no-show, by clicking on the appointment to view details then saving any information into the notes field. This isn't visible to clients, and you can view all past notes for someone in the client history.

How can I make an appointment recurring?

After choosing the first appointment you'll click the icon that looks like an arrow doing a backflip. This will give you options to make it a recurring appointment or you can add a custom time manually. See image below.

How can I collect more information from my clients?

Acuity always asks for first name, last name, phone number and email when a client schedules. If you'd like to collect more information you can set up a form under Intake Forms. Clients will fill this out on the second page of scheduling and it will be stored in their client history to look back on when needed.

Can the admin schedule outside of available hours?

Yes, the admin can schedule appointments on the back end whenever they'd like by clicking directly on the calendar or choosing 

 when setting up the appointment. You will get a warning that reads "The time conflicts with another appointment or is outside your normal hours"

Can I create hours for every other week?

To make time available every other week have different hours:

1. Set your normal hours to be the availability for one week under Availability

2. Choose "Override Normal Hours" under Availability to set the other week's hours

3. Designate a start date and an end date more than 2 weeks apart. If you want these hours indefinitely you can set the end date to be several years in the future. The start date is the week these other hours take effect.

4. Check the "every other week" button that appears after choosing the dates

5. Enter the times you'd like to be available on those days

6. Click "Save Hours"

The every (available) will be on the starting week, the other (not available or normal business hours) will be the week after. So if you make Wednesday Febuary 5th- Wednesday February 26th from 10am-12pm available every other week your calender will show Feb. 5th and Feb 19th available 10am-12pm and not show availability or show availability set by your normal hours on the other weeks of Febuary 12th and 26th. 

Can each member of my staff have their own calendar?

Yes! If you have a Premium account you can handle setting up multiple staff, employees, coaches, etc. which clients can book an appointment with. The best way to set that up is through calendars. Calendars are independent schedules can be used to handle anything different schedules, but we designed it with setting up different employees or locations in mind.

You can add new calendars for each person you have on staff which clients can book with under Calendars. From there you can set the availability of that person (calendar) and which types of appointments can be booked on that calendar. User Access is used to set up each person with their own log in and password to manage their calendar. 

Can a require a deposit for appointments?

Yes. Under Payments in Preferences you'll select "require deposit or full payment" and then choose the percent deposit of the appointment price to require. 

Keyboard shortcuts for managing your schedule

You can use these keyboard shortcuts almost anywhere in Acuity Scheduling to quickly manage your schedule. To use these hold down the shift key and press the letter at the same time. For example, <shift> M means hold down the shift key and press "M" at the same time.

<shift> LOpen your client list
<shift> MOpen or close the left menu
<shift> BBlock off time
<shift> NSchedule a new appointment
<shift> SOpen client schedulng page

Basic Account Information

Where do I set my timezone?

The timezone for your Acuity account can be set under Appearance in Preferences. Here you can also require clients to verify their timezone when scheduling.

Where did everything go from the Old version of Acuity?

On April 10th you will default to the new site after logging in, but still have the option to go back.
On April 25th the old site will be permanently switched to the new site.

If you remember the old site looked like this: 

Now the new Acuity looks like this:

The goals were to make the site easier, faster, and nicer visually along with giving us the platform to keep improving Acuity Scheduling for the next the decade and beyond.

Here's where you can find most of our features: 

FeatureWhere it used to beWhere it is now
Account time zoneBusiness in PreferencesAppearance in Preferences
Change Scheduling Wording ToolCustomization in PreferencesAppearance in Preferences
Update BillingBusiness in PreferencesMy Account
Change Username or PasswordBusiness in PreferencesMy Account
Client Scheduling LinkMain calendar pageClient Self Scheduling
Export to ExcelMain calendar page, Clients under AppointmentsImport/Export/Syncing
Google SyncGoogle under AppointmentsImport/Export/Syncing
iCal/Outlook SyncMain calendar pageImport/Export/Syncing
PaymentsPayments under PreferencesPayments in Preferences
NotificationsNotifications in PreferencesNotifications in Preferences
Customization- Header, FooterCustomization in PreferencesAdvanced Customization in Preferences
Business DescriptionBusiness in PreferencesAppearance in Preferences
Client ListClients under AppointmentsIcon on main menu to bring up list

Block Off TimeAvailability in PreferencesBlock Time Icon on Main Calendar

Make time availableAvailability in PreferencesClicking on a blocked off time will let you edit it, and delete a single instance if recurring
Change Currency
Customization in PreferencesAppearance in Preferences


This is the new left side menu, with more options available under Preferences. From the main appointments page you can show/hide it to view more of your calendar by clicking the menu button in the top left or with the keyboard shortcut <shift> M


Tap and hold to schedule a new appointment. Tap and hold on an appointment to drag and reschedule it.

Block Off Time

You can now edit a blocked off time by clicking on it. Also if it is a series you can remove just one instance by clicking "Delete". Also when viewing a week you can now click and drag on the calendar to block off time.

E-mail Notifications

You can choose not to notify a client of appointment changes. For scheduling a new appointment and rescheduling click the arrow next to the button to save without e-mailing the client. For canceling you will get the choice to not send an e-mail when you click cancel.

Browser Support

We support Internet Explorer 8 and newer, Firefox 3 and newer, Chrome, Safari 5 and newer. If you are running an old version you'll see a message in your account after you log in, if you don't see anything then your browser is supported.

Month View Calendar

Contrasting in the smaller month calendar shows at a glance how busy your days are. 

Clicking "Month" will show total number of daily appointments, first &last appointment of each day, and all appointments for the month day by day in list format. 

Where can I find receipts for my payments to Acuity?

If you've paid with PayPal those receipts will be under your PayPal account by going to the History section to view payments sent to Acuity. If you've paid with a credit card contact support and they will provide your receipts. 

What's the differences between the Professional and Premium plans?

The Premium plan gives you all the same features of the Professional plan, but also includes the ability to have unlimited different schedules (calendars) and text message notification. This lets you have several different schedules for multiple staff, locations, etc. Optionally, these calendars can be linked so that when an appointment is booked on one it can block time on the other calendars. Professional allows for one schedule and email appointment notifications only.

Is Acuity mobile friendly? Can I schedule on the go?

We have a mobile friendly web-based application that you will be directed to when you log in on your mobile device whether that be an iPhone, Android, iPad, or tablet. 

If I only need to use my Acuity account for a couple months a year, can I do that?

Yes. There are no cancellation fees so you can upgrade/downgrade as you need to and when you downgrade to a Free plan all your setting are preserved so that when you need Acuity again it feels as though you never left! And don't worry we never delete an account. 

I can't remember my password

You can reset your password at . When you log in your password can be changed under My Account. 

How will my clients schedule an appointment with me?

The link to your client scheduling page can be found under Client Self Scheduling. You can share this with your clients or embed the link or the scheduler into your website. Once clients get to your scheduling page they will

  1. Choose an appointment type
  2. Choose a calendar to schedule on (this will be omitted if you only have one calendar set up)
  3. Choose an available date to schedule
  4. Choose an appointment type to schedule
  5. Enter their information (First name, Last name, Email, Phone)
  6. If they've purchased an appointment package from you or you've shared a coupon for a discounted appointment that will be entered under Certificate Code.
  7. They'll then hit continue and be brought to the next page. If you've set up forms they will fill those out here. Otherwise the appointment will be confirmed and they will be given the option to create a client account with you.

How do I generate reports?

Under Reports you can set up appointment summary reports by time range, calendar, paid v. unpaid and a combination of these. If you needed more detailed reports the option to export appointment information to Excel is available. The reports page will look something like this:

How do I fix Internet Explorer (IE) compatibility issues?

Internet Explorer has a Compatibility View (or mode) that affects how some websites are displayed. Your Acuity account may display incorrectly if Compatibility View is enabled for We suggest that you remove from your list of sites that have Compatibility View enabled. So, here's how:

  1. In Internet Explorer, press the Alt key to display the Menu bar, or press and hold the address bar and select Menu bar.
  2. Click Tools and select Compatibility View settings.
  3. Select under "Websites you've added to Compatibility View."
  4. Click Remove.
  1. In Internet Explorer, press the Alt key to display the Menu bar, or press and hold the address bar and selectMenu bar.
  2. Click Tools and select Compatibility View settings.
  3. Select under "Websites you've added to Compatibility View."
  4. Click Remove.

  1. In Internet Explorer, open the Tools menu at the top and select Compatibility View Settings.
  2. Select under "Websites you've added to Compatibility View."
  3. Click Remove.
More Troubleshooting Tips:

If you don't see listed, or if you still see a warning about Compatibility View after following the steps above, make sure that your computer has the latest Windows updates. See Microsoft's instructions for getting Window's updates.

However, if you don't want to install the latest Windows updates, here's what you can do about the Compatibility View warning:

  1. In Internet Explorer, open the Tools menu at the top and select Compatibility View Settings. You may need to press the Alt key or press and hold the address bar to see the Menu bar.
  2. Make sure that isn't in the list called "Websites you've added to Compatibility View." If it is on that list, click Remove.
  3. At the bottom of the window, make sure that the boxes next to "Display all websites in Compatibility View" and "Download updated compatibility lists from Microsoft" or "Include updated website lists from Microsoft" are not checked.
  4. Click Close.

Note: If your Windows computer is administered by your organization, you may not be able to access Compatibility View settings or remove from the list. Contact your organization's administrator or helpdesk for help.

How do I downgrade from Premium to Professional?

To go from Premium to Professional, you'll want to downgrade to a Free account (all your settings will be preserved) under My Account and then upgrade to a Professional account.

How do I cancel?

Your account can be cancelled by downgrading to a Free plan under My Account. This will preserve all your settings and customization, so if in the future you want to come back and upgrade everything will be restored. If you feel the need to delete your account entirely that can be done under My Account also, but there is no turning back once you do that. 

How do accounts for my clients work?

After your client schedules their first appointment they will be given the option to register for a client account on your Acuity scheduler. This will allow them to

  • By pass any forms they've already filled out when scheduling subsequent appointments
  • Sign in on your scheduling page to manage their existing appointments (reschedule/cancel)
  • View all upcoming and past appointments scheduled by the registered client

    How can I change my password?

    Your password can be changed under My Account

    How can I change my billing information?

    Your credit card information can be updated under My Account

    Do I need special software to use Acuity Scheduling?

    Nope. Everything is web based, so all you need is an internet connection and a web browser. We recommend Internet Explorer 10 or higher (although Internet Explorer 8 or higher works), Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

    Can I pay for a full year in advance?

    Yep. Just contact support and they'll get you set up with that. 

    Can I change the currency that I accept payments?

    Yes. Currency can be changed under Appearance in Preferences. If your currency is not listed you can contact support and request it. This will change how the currency is displayed and also which currency PayPal will use.

    Can I add additional administrators on the account?

    You can add new users, and manage existing users, from Calendars. You can add accounts with privileges to manage the appointments and availability on just the calendars you specify by clicking "User Access".

    They will have permission to change appointments and availability on the calendars you give them access to. However, other admin users will not be able to add new appointment types, change billing, or modify other account-wide settings. Only the username on the account will have full access to the Acuity account.

    Are there any additional fees after I signup?

    Nope. We charge a flat rate monthly fee for Professional and Premium accounts. There are no extra usage, cancellation, or required set up fees. If you use payment processing a small amount (30 cents +2.9%) is charged by PayPal. 

    What do the Professional and Premium plans have above the Free plan?

    Premium and Professional both offer advanced customization and features to support business scheduling:

    • Class/group appointment booking
    • 2-way sync with Google
    • Recurring appointments
    • Embed scheduling directly in your website
    • Securely accept credit card payments
    • Advanced schedule availability
    • Multiple appointments scheduled at one time
    • Reminder emails automatically sent to clients a day before their appointment
    • Complete site personalization
    • Customize emails sent to clients
    • Time zone support
    • Sell products in an online store

    Premium also includes multiple calendars and text message notifications (reminder texts to clients and text notification to the admin and any additional numbers on the calendar when an appointment is scheduled).

    Customize Scheduling Page

    What size and formats are accepted for the business logo?

    A logo for your business can be uploaded under Appearance in Preferences. This will show in the header on your client scheduling page. If you're embedding the scheduler into your own website this logo won't show.

    Jpeg, GIF, and PNG are the formats allowed for the image.

    The logo size is a maximum of 100px high and 350px wide. If you upload a logo larger than this it will be automatically resized to fit within those dimensions.

    Is Acuity offered as white label?

    We don't offer a white label version of Acuity Scheduling. All mention of Acuity Scheduling can be removed from the client scheduling page, but not the admin portion of the site. 

    How can the log in and registration on the client scheduling page be removed?

    Under Advanced Customization in Preferences add this to the Footer to hide the log in button and registration link from the client scheduling page:

    <style type="text/css"> .client-login, .client-register { display: none; } </style>

    How can I have my calendar start on the first month with availability?

    You can have your calendar skip ahead to the first month that an appointment is available by adding this code to the Footer under Advanced Customizations in Preference

    <script type="text/javascript">
    self.skipAhead = true; if(typeof CT !== 'undefined') CT(); </script>

    How can I disable recurring appointments and add additional time?

    Under the Footer in Advanced Customizations in Preferences can add this code: 

    <style type="text/css">
    #additional-time-link, #recurring-time-link { display: none }

    Can the any available option be removed or always used when selecting a calendar?

    Yes, you can remove the "any available" option from the calendar selection. If there are multiple calendars available that an appointment type can be booked on the client will be able to select a calendar, or "any available". The any available option would show the combined availability of all calendars to them.

    To remove the 'any available' option so clients must choose a specific calendar add this little bit of code under the Footer in Advanced Customization under Preferences:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    self.hideAnyAvailable = true;
    if(typeof CT !== 'undefined') CT();

    Or to hide the calendar selection entirely and always use any available:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    self.alwaysChooseAnyAvailable = true;
    if(typeof CT !== 'undefined') CT();

    Can the "Your Information" form be changed?

    We always ask for first name, last name, email and phone number. The wording can be changed using the "Change Scheduling Wording" tool if you feel the need. 

    Can I make the phone number required for clients?

    Yes. In the footer under Advanced Customization in Preferences add this code to make the phone number required: 

    <script type="text/javascript">
    if ($('client-phone')) {
      $('client-phone').innerHTML = 'Phone <span class="error">*</span>';
      Event.observe('form', 'submit', function(ev){
        if (!$('form').elements['phone'].value) {
          alert('Phone number is required');

    Can I change the wording on the client scheduling page?

    Yes. The tool you'll need to do this can be found under Appearances in Preferences. Click "Change Scheduling Wording" and you'll be directed to an editor where you'll work through your wording site by clicking "Interact with Site" in the upper right and when you'd like to change the wording click "Resume Editing" in the same location, hover over and click the text you'd like to change and type the new text in the bar at the top of the screen. Be sure to hit submit when you are done editing each portion. 

    Can Acuity be translated into other languages?

    Any wording on the client scheduling page can be changed and translated by you. The "Change Scheduling Wording" tool can be found under Appearance in Preferences and you can use this to change the wording to your desired language. The administrative side of Acuity is available in English only. 

    Exporting/Syncing/ Embedding Calender

    How do I make changes to appointments in a synced calendar?

    Any changes that need to be made on an appointment from Acuity needs to be made within Acuity. If a change was made to an Acuity appointment in your Google calendar it will not be reflected on your Acuity calendar. 

    Any event from Google needs to be edited in your Google calendar, as well. 

    All changes must be made in the program they came from. 

    How do I export appointments to Outlook?

    You can export all your appointment to Outlook under Import/Export/Syncing clicking "Export to iCal/Outlook" will save all your appointments as an ICS file. In Outlook you can go to File-->Import-->Import iCalendar (ICS) file to import all your caelndar information into Outlook. 

    Outlook 2007 supports iCal subscriptions which will automatically update your Outlook calendar with new appointments and cancellations. Clicking "iCal/Outlook Subscription" will open Outlook to set this up. 

    How can I sync with Google Calendar?

    In the left hand menu under Import/Export/Syncing click "Allow Access to Google Calendar". Clicking this will bring you to Google to sign in to your account.  That will let you allow us to access your Google calendar and add appointments. 

    Click the box next to "2 way sync" to have events from Google calendar block time in your Acuity calendar. 

    How can Google Analytics be integrated?

    Google Analytics can be added in the Footer under Advanced Customization in Preferences. For a goal when clients complete appointments you can match on a URL destination that begins with /schedule.php?action=appt

    How can each user in Acuity sync their own Google calendar?

    Only the main user in Acuity can set up syncing. You can configure that within Import/Export/Syncing. Though you can only have one Google account set up, you can have each calendar in Acuity Scheduling sync with a different calendar in Google.

    To sync with different Google accounts have those accounts share their Google calendar with you. Help for sharing calendars within Google is available at . After they share their Google calendar with you it will show in the drop down to select the calendar in Acuity. Be sure to share calendars with full access to "make changes to events" so that we can add new appointments to that calendar.

    Can I set up a 2 way sync with iCal/Outlook

    Not directly. This can be achieved by syncing your Acuity calendar and your iCal/Outlook calendar with a Google calendar as the go between. 

    Can I provide a direct link to a specific calendar?

    Yes, a direct link can be found under each calendar in Calendars. The link or scheduler can be embedded into your webpage.

    Can I import my client list?

    Under Import/Export/Syncing in the left hand menu you can upload a CSV (comma separated value) file of your contacts. On the second page you'll verify the clients before you add them, and also select which columns correspond to the first name, last name, phone, and email of the client. From there you can choose "Import" to add them to your client list.

    For help exporting your contacts to CSV from Outlook see

    For help exporting your contacts to CSV from Google see

    Contacts on Mac do not export directly to CSV, but you can easily convert their format to CSV using something like

    Add to Wordpress - how can I embed Acuity Scheduling?


    Recommended: Within Wordpress go to "Add New" plugin and search for Acuity Scheduling. Once you install and activate you can embed the scheduler into your Wordpress site. Detailed instructions for adding a new plugin are available on Wordpress's website. See the instructions below for using the plugin.

    Advanced: You can also manually install it by downloading the Acuity Scheduling Wordpress Plugin.

    Using Plugin

    The plugin creates a [scheduling] tag to embed Acuity Scheduling into a page (not available with free accounts). Usage: [scheduling site=""]

    Where is the address to your standalone scheduling page. Adding the tag through the Text view instead of Visual may be easier so Wordpress doesn't turn the address for your scheduling page into a link.

    site: your scheduling site, find this under Business in Preferences (required)
    width: defaults to 775px (optional)
    height: defaults to 600px (optional)
    border: defaults to 0 (optional)

    Add to Wix - Embedding your scheduler with

    Choose "Add" from the left hand menu column then "Apps" and after that you'll choose "HTML".

    The HTML you'll want to copy and paste into this field can be found under Client Self Scheduling.

    Then just resize and drag to where you'd like your scheduler to sit on your site and wha-la you've embedded your Acuity scheduling page into your website!

    Add to Weebly - embed the appointment scheduler into your website

    You can use the snippet of HTML code found under Client Self Scheduling to embed into your Weebly website. Within Weebly you'll need to drag the "Embed Code" widget into your website to add it, instructions are available at .

    Add to Squarespace - how can I add appointment scheduling?

    Within Squarespace you can create a "Code Block" to insert the little bit of HTML needed to embed Acuity Scheduling. The HTML needed for the scheduler is available under Client Self Scheduling, and instructions for inserting HTML into Squarespace are available at .

    Add to Joomla - how can I embed the scheduler?

    If you can add HTML, you can embed appointment scheduling into your website. For Joomla there is a good reference at covering different ways to add HTML into Joomla.

    The code that you'll need to add to your site is available under Client Self Scheduling.

    Add to Facebook - can the client scheduling page be embedded into Facebook?

    You can add your scheduling page into Facebook using the handy iframehost Facebook app:

    That will let you embed a website as a tab into your Facebook page.

    Add to Drupal - how can appointment scheduling be embedded?

    You can embed the appointment scheduler directly within a Drupal page. Here are the basic steps:

    1. Click "Add content" to create a new page (skip this if you want to embed on an existing one)
    2. Select "Basic Page" to start creating a standalone page
    3. Below the Body change "Text format" to Full HTML to add custom HTML
    4. Copy the HTML snippet from Acuity Scheduling within Client Self Scheduling
    5. Save

    Does Acuity Scheduling integrate with....?

    Acuity Scheduling directly integrates with:

    • Google Calendar
    • Outlook
    • iCal
    • Websites:
      • Wix
      • Wordpress
      • Squarespace
      • Facebook
      • Weebly
      • Drupal
      • Joomla

    You can also use Zapier to connect Acuity Scheduling with other programs, including:

    • Infusionsoft
    • Capsule CRM
    • Highrise
    • Basecamp
    • MailChimp
    • Salesforce
    • FreshBooks
    • PipeDrive
    • QuickBooks
    • Google Glass

    And 200+ other applications. Check out for more information on Zapier, and our API Documentation for an invite to Acuity Scheduling on Zapier and your authentication information.


    Why am I receiving duplicate emails when an appointment is scheduled?

    Email notifications are sent to the business owner, your username, and additionally to any email addresses listed in the calendar settings. Notifications to the username on the account can be disabled under My Account

    When are reminder notifications (email and/or texts) sent out to clients?

    You can choose when you'd like the one time reminder sent out. Could be hours or days before a scheduled appointment, it's up to you!

    When are follow-up emails sent?

    Just like reminder notifications you choose when you'd like the follow up to be sent out. Follow up email can also be disabled.

    What happens if a client replies to a text?

    If a client replies to a text they will receiving an automatic text message back informing them to contact the business directly.

    What email notifications should the client and I expect to receive?

    Clients will receive an email confirming their appointment, a reminder before their appointment at a time frame that you designate, a follow-up email after their appointment if you have that feature enabled, and an email if the appointment is cancelled or rescheduled. 

    The admin will receive an email notification when an appointment is scheduled. 

    What does the text message reminder say?

    The subject line of the reminder email is what the client receives as a text reminder. This can be customized by the admin.

    What do I do if I'm not receiving email notifications?

    Ocassionally emails can get misdirected usually this is because of a spam filter on your computer or with your mail hosting provider. First, try checking your junk/spam mail folders for any of the past emails. If nothing is present contact your hosting provider or ISP and have them add as a trusted sender.

    If this doesn't solve the problem contact support and we'll help you out!

    If I'm outside the United States will text notifications work?

    Yes! When entering the phone number a country code preceded by a plus sign (+) must be entered to receive the text notifications. There is no additional fee charged by Acuity. 

    If I cancel a client's appointment will it send an email to the client?

     When you cancel an appointment you'll be given the option to cancel without notifying client or cancel normally with notification. So it's up to you and can be changed on a case by case basis. 

    How can I attach a document or file to a notification email?

    Instead of attaching documents directly to e-mails, you can put the file on your website and link to it from the e-mails. You can add links, and make other changes, to confirmation, reminder, cancellation, and rescheduling e-mails under Notifications.

    Can I have a unique email notification for each appointment type?

    Yes, each appointment type can have a unique notification email body edited by the admin. A default email for all appointment types can be set up as well if you did not want to customize by appointment type.

    Can I disable email notifications for certain appointment types?

    Yes, if you delete the entire body of the email that email will not be sent out. After you remove it you'll get a confirmation that it was disabled and in the drop down to select the appointment type you'll see "- disabled" next to the name of it.

    Am I charged for the number of texts that get sent?

    No, there is no additional fee for text notifications. All numbers listed under Calendars will receive a text notification when an appointment is scheduled on that calendar. 


    How do I accept payments from clients?

    You can have clients pay for appointments when they book, this can be set up under Payments in Preferences. The easiest way to accept payment is through PayPal, you just need to enter your PayPal e-mail address and payment will be automatically deposited into your account. If you already have a merchant account which uses or Stripe that can be set up within Payments in Preferences also.

    Your account can be set up to require payments when booking, require a deposit for the appointment, or make payment optional.

    How do coupons work?

    Going to Promotions will let you create promotions to offer clients a discounted price for their appointment by either a percentage or $ amount discount, and let you track which coupons have been used. 

    To get started choose "Add New Coupon"

    • Name what you and clients will see this promotion referred to on the website
    • Discount by either taking off a percentage or certain amount of money
    • Each code can be used an unlimited number of times, or just once. If you allow a code to be used only once will allow for this code to be used once in total, so once and that code is no longer valid. This is useful for vouchers like from Groupon.
    • Set which types of appointments this promotion can discount
    • Expiration date will prevent clients from using the coupon after this date. If you have an expiration date of May 15, and today is currently May 1st, then clients will still be able to use it to book appointments where the date of the appointment is any time you're available. If the current date is May 15th or later then they won't be able to use the coupon.
    • Coupon codes are what clients enter when booking to receive the discount. You can have as many different codes as you'd like.

    How can I offer a class package for clients to purchase?

    Under Products/Promotions click 

    You'll select how many appointments and which appointment types it can be redeemed for. Clients would purchase that from your products store, and after they purchase it they'll see and also be e-mailed a certificate code they can use to redeem for appointments when booking. They can schedule their appointments with the gift code all at once, or use it incrementally, and how many appointments are remaining on the certificate will be automatically tracked.

    Can I set up a Groupon, LivingSocial, or other similar discounts?

    Yes. Set up a new coupon under Promotions and select "Each code can be used: Only Once". Then with each purchase on the deal site (Groupon, LivingSocial, etc) you'll create a new code to distribute to each customer. 

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