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Acuity Scheduling isn’t just a scheduling tool—it’s a full-blown, beautiful, incredibly user-friendly system for running your wellness business end-to-end ... with some serious zen.

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Acuity Scheduling Advantages

  • Allow students to self-schedule for classes online? YES, PLEASE.
  • Let clients book—and reschedule—their own appointments? You know it.
  • Accept payment online? Check, check, and check! (Not a pun.)
  • Vault credit cards and set up automatic charges for regulars? Done and done.
  • Coordinate flawlessly across instructor and staff schedules? Si, señor.
  • Send texts and email reminders to students and clients beforehand? Ohhhh, yeah.
  • See a snapshot of your revenue at any given time? Boom, all the info.
  • Follow-up with no-shows and past clients? Without a hitch.
  • See client profiles and add your own notes? YUP. (And clients can even fill out intake forms, too, which we’ll also add to their profile.)
  • Sell add-ons—like yoga mats, supplements or water bottles? Not even a drop of sweat.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing Squarespace or Wordpress website—and even other apps like Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Mail Chimp and Square? Got you covered.

And—ready? All of that for just $25/month. (Compared to $125 for Mindbody.)

In fact, we’ll even throw in the following

It’s easy & user-friendly. No credit card or commitments. We promise you’ll love it!

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Software should be fun, easy, modern and gorgeously simple to use.

Not one big, long, complicated runaround with 500 outdated features to figure out how to use the way you’d hoped, while your business is put on ice for hours or days or weeks while you’re getting up to speed, trying to learn a software that should take minutes, not months.

Don’t get us wrong—we’ve got some real powerhouse muscle with all the features & options you could ever want. But, we’ve made them so totally seamless, user friendly and intuitive, they just blend into your experience. No more pulling your hair out trying to figure out the software…ever again. It’s just natural and easy—the way it should be.

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You should never have to sign up for a cumbersome and time-consuming consultation or demo with a sales person in order to try something out.

We’re confident you’ll instantly love Acuity from the first minute you log-in. We don’t need a team of sales people to try to pressure you into signing up; you’ll be able to decide for yourself. Come on in and test the out the waters!

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“I am a refugee from MINDBODY. I just spent the past two weeks trying to get that system going, only to find out once I had my info in that it’s basically unusable from the client’s point of view. It’s hideous. I completely wasted my time. It may be a decent enterprise solution, but it’s utterly useless for a sole proprietor like me. THANK YOU (yes, I’m shouting) for creating an awesome scheduling and payment system.” -An Ex-Mindbody Customer

Schedule and accept payments, huzzah.

A scheduling tool that only schedules—and doesn’t accept payment, or allow you to hold a credit card if there’s a no-show—is only doing a half monkey job. (You know what word we really wanted to use here.)

Unless you’re not planning on making any money from your business, we believe that accepting money seamlessly, beautifully, and modernly, like a real pro, anytime you need to, is a non-negotiable part of building a great business. It’s why one of our favorite features is around our payment options, allowing you to request deposits, payment in full, or even allow customers to add optional gratuities…right from inside the app. DID THE CROWD JUST GO WILD OR WHAT?

We charge honest, simple prices to honest, good-working people.

You can get a fully-functional, awesome scheduling tool, that you can even customise with your own colors and branding, for just $25/month. You can’t beat it anywhere. You spend more on turnpike tolls. And pirogies. And donut holes. (Are we going to have to have a talk about your donut hole addiction?)

Bonus: We designed the app to make you smile!

  • Our calendar waves bye bye to you when you log off.
  • The app walks you through everything like a real human would. Speaking of humans, we actually work here. Hello!
  • Our newsletters and emails will have you rolling.
  • And we always take our jobs seriously, but never ourselves. Which, we think, is an awesome quality in a company. At least we know we love working here. And that does make a difference—from every customer service email, you’ll feel it in your bones. We love what we do. And we hope you love it, too!

It’s easy & user-friendly. No credit card or commitments. We promise you’ll love it!

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