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BRUKWINE is a waist wining, booty shaking, sweat drenching heels workout created by Tavia and Tamara. In this Reggae/Dancehall based class, students will learn the hottest dancehall moves, how to isolate the hips and be feminine and sexy.

Brukwine is a total body workout that provides students with new and exciting way to move!
Class starts with a warm up that consists of stretching, isolations, and learning the latest dancehall moves. Then we move on to teach routine that is easy to follow and incorporates all the elements of the warm up. 
All levels welcome, and no prior experience necessary. 

BRUKWINE is the world's sexiest work out!  GET ADDICTED!!!!!

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APRIL 2014

WED 4/23 BRUKWINE WORKOUT (745-845pm)

FRI 4/25 POP UP CLASS (745-845)

WED 4/30 BRUKWINE WORKOUT (745-845pm)



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