Why You Need Scheduling Software – and How Acuity’s Platform Transforms Your Business


If you own a small business, you’re juggling a zillion daily tasks. And you know that simply scheduling client appointments can eat up a big part of your day. Phone calls, emails, rescheduling, cancellations, new client intake forms–the list of subtasks that often comes with setting up a single appointment can feel endless. 

The right scheduling software takes care of those little (but crucial) details so you can focus on the big picture: delivering personalized experiences and growing your brand.

So what is scheduling software?

Well, depending on the system you choose, it can be a lot of things, but the most basic feature of scheduling software is that it automatically manages client booking for you. It saves you time by handling the process of creating appointments and makes your schedule accessible online so clients can view open slots on your calendar and book at their convenience.

What types of businesses use it?

Any appointment-based business needs scheduling software to reach its goals, whether you’re a bustling salon, an in-demand personal trainer, a dog groomer with a full appointment book, or a car detailing shop just getting started. No matter what type of services you provide, with automated scheduling, you‘ll get your time back, level up your organization, impress your customers, and grow your revenue. 

Do you offer in-person appointments? Virtual consultations? Classes? Workshops? A flexible scheduler like Acuity fits with a wide range of business models, managing everything from booking and rebooking to rescheduling and cancellations. (And a whole lot more we’ll dig into momentarily.) It’s also integrated with Squarespace, so you can manage your website, schedule, and client communication with a single, dynamic solution. If your website is not on Squarespace, that’s okay too. Acuity integrates with all website providers. 

Say you’re a dance studio that provides in-person classes but also specializes in virtual lessons and one-on-one training. You need flexible scheduling software that can set up your online calendar to reflect the different open time slots (in real time), class and service descriptions, pricing, and instructors for each type of service. From there, regular clients simply book the option they’re looking for with a payment type on file and your calendar fills automatically. New client? They can fill out forms and enter payment info when they book, and all your clients get automatic notifications and reminders about their upcoming appointments to help them stay on time. And since there’s no need for you to manually take care of those important details, you’re freed up to focus on the clients you’re with.

That’s just the beginning of what a powerful scheduling system like Acuity can do for your business. Let’s dive into all the other benefits Acuity offers that go beyond scheduling and help you grow your brand–and your bottom line.

Give clients what they expect: 24/7 booking, rebooking, and rescheduling

Gone are the days of only booking appointments during business hours. Your clients have gotten accustomed to booking when it’s most convenient. Acuity’s automation means customers can access your schedule whenever they like, from wherever they are. Your online schedule highlights your services and displays your real-time availability, and your calendar fills itself, day and night. Have multiple locations? Easily set up clear time zones and locales. You can even require clients to agree to cancellation policies and terms when they book.

Wow your clients and keep them interested

Nothing creates loyal customers like an amazing experience at your business. The right scheduling software can help you create something special at every visit. Acuity’s thorough client intake forms give your team the information they need to get every client detail just right, from personal preferences to seamless payments. The ability to provide coupons, discounts, and subscriptions, as well as perks like appointment packages with payment plans, deepens those relationships and shows clients that you value them and reward their business. 

Save time and boost revenue: win-win

With scheduling tools tailored to your unique business, you’ll save the thing you need most to run your business: time. Acuity doesn’t just take the task of scheduling appointments off your hands. It gives you your time back with flexible availability features that:

  • Set limits on when clients can book and cancel

  • Cap the number of daily appointments so you don’t overextend yourself

  • Schedule different appointment types within specific time slots.

Plus, Acuity keeps money coming in with a wide range of revenue-driving capabilities that allow you to:

  • prevent no-shows with automated appointment notifications and reminders (read more about how to reduce no-shows)

  • require clients to agree to cancellation policies and terms when they book

  • set up subscriptions for recurring revenue

  • sell packages and gift cards

  • upsell add-ons at checkout

  • provide options for prepayment, deposits, and tips. 

Simplify transactions with secure, integrated payments

Speaking of revenue, Acuity’s flexible payment processing integrations mean you can select the third-party processor that fits your business best. Acuity syncs with Stripe, Square or Paypal, making it convenient for clients to pay directly on your scheduling page. No matter which processor you choose, easy transactions are just another streamlined aspect of your clients’ experience with you. 

You can also securely keep credit cards on file to simplify payments and protect against no-shows. Of course, you’ll need to create invoices and receipts, too. With Acuity, it’s effortless.

Keep your schedule on brand with customizations

You put a lot of time and thought into making your website represent your unique brand. Your online schedule should be another extension of that, a consistent touchpoint for your customers. Acuity makes that happen with customizations that align with your brand and your service offerings. 

For example, you can add colors, pictures, and more to match the style and branding of your website. Plus, you can individualize the functionality of your schedule to enable a number of helpful features: hide prices, require client phone numbers, or allow clients to book multiple spots. With so many possibilities to make your schedule truly yours, clients will love how easy and on brand their booking experience is. 

Expand your client reach

Acuity scheduling software is much more than a convenient way to organize your appointment book. It’s also an effective marketing tool, with features designed to help you grow your clientele. You have the flexibility to share your booking page on your website or with clients directly. You can create a strong online impression with a beautiful website by Squarespace. And you can let clients book any way they like with easy Facebook, Google, and Instagram integrations. 

The integrations don’t stop there. Acuity also syncs with most email providers, giving you the marketing edge you need to attract prospects and keep regular clients involved.

Let Acuity manage your calendar and your team

Keeping your business organized is just one way Acuity streamlines your day. Not only does it keep everyone on track with all-in-one calendar management and syncing, but it also efficiently helps you manage staff, permissions, and resource availability. Do you offer classes, workshops, or events? Acuity’s calendar automations manage those, too. Check out these tips for getting the most out of Acuity’s scheduling tools.

You’ll also have access to insightful, advanced performance metrics. Know what’s working and what’s not in real time, so you can make decisions based on clear data and strategize your business growth. Even better, with Acuity’s mobile app for IOS and Android, you can keep tabs on anything and run your business from anywhere. 

Try Acuity free and see how it adapts to your business  

The most important feature of effective scheduling software is flexibility. It has to fit your unique business: customize how and when clients can book with you, handle different client needs, accurately represent your brand in a range of scenarios–and do it all automatically. Acuity’s level of adaptability means that no matter what the day brings, you’re confident that your schedule is taken care of while you direct your energy toward keeping clients happy when they’re with you. 

Start your free trial and discover how Acuity transforms your business into a smoothly running, customer-centric, and revenue-boosting brand.


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